The Medallion (2003)

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Jackie Chan stars in this kung fu action comedy as Eddie Yang, a Hong Kong detective who is transformed into an immortal warrior with amazing speed and strength by an ancient medallion that hangs around the neck of a little boy, Jai (Alex Bao), who is the chosen one. The medallion is in two pieces and is brought together every 1,000 years by the chosen one. For anyone to receive the superhuman powers and immortality, an individual must die and be brought back to life by the touch of the medallion while in the hands of the chosen one. Eddie is working with Interpol to catch an international criminal, Snakehead (Julian Sands) who has been spotted at a temple in Hong Kong. Eddie must choose between saving the little boy from a fire in the temple or capturing Snakehead, of course, Snakehead escapes and flees the country. Since Eddie is the only one who saw his face, he must go to Ireland to help Interpol track him down. In Ireland, Eddie is reunited with his old flame Nicole James (Claire Forlani), who is very upset with Eddie for not calling her for months. While working on this case, Eddie and the little boy are locked in a shipping container, which is pushed overboard into the harbor. Eddie dies by drowning, but he was able to save the little boy who brings him back to life with all the powers of the medallion. You think Jackie Chan's martial arts are incredible at regular speed; he is fantastic with these new powers. Snakehead has discovered the powers of the medallion and has kidnapped the little boy to get the powers for himself. Eddie and Snakehead meet for a final battle to determine who will control the power and the fate of the world. Douglas Young (the-movie-guy)

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