Purple Rain (1984)

imdb - 6.5 | Action
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Purple Rain is a dark musical comedy about an ambitious girl from New Orleans with big dreams and big cleavage who risks it all to make it as a singer in the world's great music capital, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her dreams are quickly exploited and smothered by two competing self-obsessed, sociopathic, chauvinistic weirdos. She submits to the will of one of the weirdos: an abusive, mustachioed dwarf in women's apparel who haunts the streets of Minneapolis upon a purple motorcycle, even during cold weather. The culmination of her humiliation occurs during the film's climax: her dreams finally in ruins due to the results of a musical competition at a popular nightclub, the purple dwarf celebrates by performing a vulgar act of self-pleasure on stage with a guitar which she purchased for him with hocked jewelry.

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