American Psycho (2000)

imdb - 7.6 | Action
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In New York, the narcissist investment banker Patrick Bateman works in the bank of his fiancée's father and usually has dinner with his shallow coworkers at fashionable and expensive restaurants. Bateman worships notorious serial-killers, such as Ed Gein or Ted Bundy, and he is a psychopath. When his co-worker Paul Allen shows a business card of better quality than his, Bateman plots to kill him using the name of another colleague. He murders Paul with an ax and tapes a message in his answering machine telling that Paul is travelling to London. Soon the private detective Donald Kimball investigates Paul's disappearance and interviews Bateman. Then Bateman hires two prostitutes to spend the night with him doing kinky sex and he tortures the women. Bateman tries to kill a homosexual co-worker; murders a model; and tries to kill his own secretary. Who will stop his crime spree?

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