Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016)

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Los Angeles, 1967Mr. Browning (Sam Anderson) and his younger wife Jenny (Kate Siegel) are at the home of Alice Zander (Elizabeth Reaser), a fortune teller. Alice gathers the couple around a table for a seance. Mr. Browning wants to speak to his deceased wife and ask her questions. Jenny isn't convinced and thinks they're getting ripped off. When Mr. Browning asks about giving money to Jenny, something that supposedly represents his dead wife's spirit creeps behind the curtains and lunges out toward them. Mr. Browning is frightened beyond belief. He attempts to pay Alice, but she declines out of guilt.The spirit is actually Alice's teenage daughter Paulina (Annalise Basso), while her younger daughter Doris (Lulu Wilson) was hiding to create the effects of candles blowing out. Alice scolds Lina for scaring Mr. Browning and costing them their pay, but Lina defends her actions because she thinks Jenny was a bitch. Alice agrees.Lina sneaks out at night to go to her friend Ellie's (Halle Charlton) house. The two of them, plus Lina's boyfriend Mikey (Parker Mack) and other friend Betty (Alexis G. Zall) play with a Ouija board game. They try to contact a spirit, which creeps the hell out of Betty. Ellie's mom bursts through the door, making Betty scream. Alice later picks up Lina, upset with her.While the girls are at school, Alice goes to find a Ouija board of her own after Lina suggests it could be good for business. At night, Alice uses the board and unknowingly makes contact with a spirit named Marcus, who speaks through Doris. Doris responds to Alice's questions, to Lina's confusion.Doris uses the Ouija board on her own - despite the first rule of the game being not to play alone - in the hopes of making contact with her dead father Roger (Michael Weaver).At school, Father Tom (Henry Thomas) calls Alice in to review Doris's homework. It's all written in cursive, despite no one having knowledge of Doris ever learning how to write like that.Alice and the girls return home to find a notice of foreclosure on their door. Doris returns with a pouch full of money that she claims Roger told her about. She shows her mom and sister a space in the basement wall that contained the money. Later, Doris shows Alice and Lina how she communicated with Roger. To their astonishment, the planchette moves on its own when Alice asks the spirit where Roger was when she told him she was pregnant with Lina. The planchette moves around to spell "SHOWER". When Alice asks if Roger is really there, it moves to YES. The girls look through the planchette lens to see if they spot anything, but Lina is too freaked out to keep looking.Alice starts to keep Doris home from school to work with her. Using the Ouija board, they have been generating more business, as customers are convinced with Doris speaking in voices that aren't hers and is answering questions only the deceased would know. Doris later starts to experience a pain in the back of her neck. After Lina gives her medicine, Doris looks through the planchette in the mirror and sees a tall, black spirit with its mouth sewn shut. Doris screams, and the spirit sticks its arm down her mouth as it possesses her.Alice goes out with Father Tom for the night while Lina has Mikey come over as Doris watches TV. Tom chooses not to pursue other relationships after his wife's passing, as well as to keep with his faith. Lina and Mikey spend a brief time together and only kiss before she kicks him out. As Mikey is leaving, Doris startles him as she appears out of nowhere. She then starts to describe being strangled to death in graphic and disturbing detail.Lina brings a bunch of papers

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