Let Us Prey (2014)

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Eerie images of a raven flying by.Title credits.A man whistling. PC. Rachel Heggie (Pollyanna McIntosh) wakes up from her nightmare right before her alarmclock rings. She finds a raven feather in her bed. She just does her morning work out, and we can see scars from long ago in her body. She leaves the cheap hotel room where she lives for work and when she is walking away, we can see the light turning on in her room and the silhouette of a man inside.Images of a reckless driver. Rachel sees a man and a raven feather falls from him. The young driver, who is going way too fast, cannot stop to a halt and runs over the mysterious man. The young driver, Ceaser Sargison (Brian Vernel) gets off his car saying "Not again, please", but the man is nowhere to be seen. Rachel arrests him, leaving the car stranded in the middle of the deserted street. Sgt. Gene MacReady (Douglas Russell) turns off the computer and says that the young driver is a well-known "customer". He elbows the driver on the stomach, and he throws up on Rachel's shoes, which she finds disgusting.Meanwhile, two adults are having wild sex in a car. He is married, and she finds exciting when he calls her "bitch". She slaps him but they do it again. They are Police Officers as well: PC. Jack Warnock (Bryan Larkin) and PC. Jennifer "Jen" Mundie (Hanna Stanbridge). Caesar was carrying a knife. Jack and Jennifer look for the man, and Rachelf says that there was blood on the headlights of the car, but it looks like it was from a previous victim. The two PC stop by an oil station for some coffee. Caesar is put in a cell but he remains cocky. He tells to another prisoner that he is witness to the rough treatment he's getting, but the other prisoner, called Ralph Beswick (Jonathan Watson), says that he hasn't seen anything.They speak of a battered lady who always retire her charges. Six (Liam Cunnigham) is taken to the police station, but he won't speak at all. He just stares at Rachel. Warnock says that it's the uniform what attracts him. Dr. Duncan Hume (Niall Greig Fulton) checks on the man, and he says that he only has superficial wounds. Six has no phone, no keys, no documents, no money... only a black book with names and strange symbols.He speaks, the lights go off and Dr Hume has a vision of himself arriving home, walls bleeding and him running terrified. Dr Hume says. "He knows." When he is asked what, he says "He knows everything." and tries to kill him. Rachel has to put the doctor in a cell. Beswick mocks Duncan, and Ceasar shows off that he was only looking for something to impress his friends.Six's fingerprints are checked. He says "sticky little fingers" and opens and close his hands. Crows cover Ceasar's abandoned red car. Alexander Russell - that's Six - died in 1883 in Glasgow in a fight. MacReady blames it on a computer mistake. Six says that he can smell revenge. MacReady sees images of doors closing up that make him cranky and nervous.Six, Ceasar, Duncan and Beswick are all in their own solitary cell. Rachel sees herself as a young woman (Sophie Stephanie Farmer) tied to a bed, crying. Jennifer remembers as well and has to leave, almost choking and feeling suffocated. She sees images of herself taking revenge vilently and almost choking. Six gives Rachel the cell keys that had fallen to the floor. When he is on his own, Six asks aloud, "So, who goes first?"Jennifer tells Rachel that they are no friends, and to mind her own business. The Sergeant leaves, letting the three PC with the prisoners, but Jen and Jack are leaving as well, so it will be Rachel on her own. It's 22:10.The Sergeant is driving like crazy and he thinks he has seen Six on the backseat, with white eyes. He drinks while driving, and a blooddied arm appears for half a second by the side of the road.Beswick wonders why Six knows his name. Rachel remembers being raped. She controls herself and takes a look at the black book. She checks on David Brundrige (AKA Acid Bath Murderer), Bryan Hefflington (AKA The Whale), another serial killer. There are more, but they are all deceased. Whatever Six does, it affects Beswick, the wife-beater. Six lights a match, and the shadow of a hand appears threateningly. The monitor of the CCTV goes to blank, and the radio sounds so that Rachel doesn't check on the prisoners. She tells Jack and Jen to enter Beswick's home to check on his wife.An alarm is pounding while Beswick hits himself against the door until he is a bloody mess. Ceasar says that Beswick tried to kill him. Rachel lets him out and Beswick falls to the ground. Duncan says that he can help him. Jack and Jen find out something. Rachel lets Duncan out so that he can help Beswick. Jen and Jack find the corpse of the deceased wife of Beswick, which has been left hanging to death. MakReady is also trying to get rid of a body - it is a bloodied young man who used to be his lover, Mulvey (Jim McCreadie). He drank and killed him with his bear hands.Jen and Jack are shocked with their discovery. Duncan becomes threatening and creepy; Rachel hits him while she feels dizzy and confused by her own visions of Dr. Hume's intentions - it looks like he's also a psychopath, having killed his wife (Kate Gisbourne) and children (Max McCarthy & Ellen Keaveney). MacReady is trying to get rid of his ex-lover's body, and he is scared by his own vision of Six, just staring at him.Six can make a match float. He replies back that all the devils are in this police station when Rachel tells him "Go to hell". Rachel tries to leave, but Six whistles what Rachel's raper used to whistle while he was having sex with her. Finally, the young Rachel gets free and slowly walks away and runs from that everyday-looking house. Rachel tries to compose herself and hold back her tears.MacReady speaks to Rachel sitting on a bed with blood-stained sheets. He also picks up a shotgun from under the bed. Duncan is also justifying himself, saying that patients die all the time of natural causes. Six says that "he is giving Caesar a last chance to remember". He had run over an already bloodied lady (Holly Beattie). The accident left her worse, but he could have saved her if he had taken her to hospital. Instead, he ran away. It's 23:19.Rachel pushes away a crossword with the word DEATH on it. She is still checking on that black book of Six's. Jen and Jack return. Beswick's body is under a blanket. Jen swears a lot and is angry. Six stares at Caesar, who wants to make a confession to Jen and Rachel, but they are too busy and Jen tells Caesar to shut the fuck up. Six says that he's in the business of retribution, not salvation.Rachel paces up and down trying to make sense of it all. Dr. Hume says that he found a "higher calling". Six suggests hanging himself. The black book opens at Warnock's page. He appears to beat and kill a prisoner, pushed by Six, who stings himself with a match, which now looks more like a nail.Warnock justifies the murder of the prisoner. Jack and Jen defend that murder, saying that they "take care of our own". Rachel gives in, but is really distraught.Caesar confesses to Rachel. Six says that the girl died two minutes before. Rachel saw Six from the window of the room where she was kept.Rachel hears Jen saying that she was having sex with Jack and trying to make plausible tales. She interrupts them so that they can't make out.It's 23:41. Jen and Jack attack Rachel, but she puts up a good fight. Jack tries to strangle her, but then MacReady appears, dressed with barbed wire and shooting everybody on sight. Jack is dead. Jen and Rachel lock themselves and hurt MacReady, who now is limping. MacReady smashes the door and shoots Jen, who can still run away with Rachel.Six compliments Rachel on her body. He has decided to take matters on his own hands because of humanity's sins. Outside, MacReady is surrounding the station with petrol and then sets fire to it. It's 23:52.Rachel opens the cells of Six and Caesar. Six says "Thanks, but I think I can handle him."MacReady shoots at fleeing Rachel, Caesar and Jen but fails. Jen is killed by the broken glass at a door. Six stays quiet at his cell. MacReady shoots Rachel at a shoulder and kills Caesar. Six is still calm. MacReady is still alive although he's very burnt. Rachel kills him. Rachel leaves the police station and falls to the floor. After her, Six slowly walks out as well and offers her a cigarette.It's 0:00. It's at that moment when Six collects the souls of the sinners. He crosses them out from his book.Ravens crooning is heard.Six wants Rachel to help him. Six had knocked on Rachel's torturer (Andrew Parker)'s door, and he was a witness of Rachel's fiery survivor spirit. Six says that he will be complete with Rachel.Rachel says "yes" to help him on his tasks.The kiss against the background of the burning police station. "That's my girl", he says. A raven is heard.Steve Lynch's music, fade to black and end credits.[I have completed the list of minor performers checking the end credits of the film.]

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