The Theory of Everything (2014)

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The movie starts as the Cambridge student Stephen Hawking meets Jane, and although shy at first, eventually they both get close. Stephen soon learns about his illness and decides to shut Jane off from his life. But Jane insists they stay together, knowing the illness will progress and slowly take Stephen away from her. They get married soon after, and Stephen soon graduates his doctoral study, having more interest to cosmological physics. Jane stands by Stephen as the illness progresses, impairing his locomotion, balance, speech and even swallowing. They have two children and Stephen's work starts to gain spotlight. But little by little, Jane starts to lose her spirit, though she doesn't reveal it.Jane's mother advises her to join the church choir to help fill her spare time so she goes. There she meets the choir's tutor Jonathan. Jonathan gets close to Jane and her family, even with Stephen. He goes as far as being a helping hand for Stephen when the family goes on an outdoors trip. Jane ultimately starts to feel attracted to Jonathan. But Jonathan backs away when friends and families start to whisper. As Jane goes with Jonathan, Stephen goes to watch an opera. But Stephen has an episode and goes into a coma, and the doctors hesitate in doing a tracheotomy on him due to his muscles already having atrophied which means Stephen's ability to speak will be impaired. Jane insists on a tracheotomy, but the family then struggle communicating with Stephen.Jane hires a help, Elaine, who quickly suits Stephen's needs while Jane slowly slips away from him. Stephen then gets the robotic speech aid program which helps him a lot. But then Jane reaches her limit and she and Stephen get a divorce. Jane goes on to marry Jonathan. But Stephen calls for Jane, as the first spouse, to accompany him in receiving a title from the Queen.

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