Invictus (2009)

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Invictus opens with the release of Nelson Mandela (Morgan Freeman) from prison in 1990. After being held for nearly 26 years on Robben Island for planning acts of sabotage against the South African state, Mandela's release also marks what soon becomes the end of apartheid in South Africa. A new election is held, which Mandela handily wins. For his oath, he gives a speech pledging to unite the people of South Africa. The current divide has largely divided the Afrikaners (white South Africans that came from Europe during the 17th century) and the various black tribes, the largest of which include Zulu, Xhosa, and Bapedi. The effects of Mandela's victory give rise to jubilation for much of the black population of South Africa, while the white Afrikaners and Zulu begin to feel that they're losing the country. This is punctuated by a squadron of cars carrying Mandela down a road, poor black kids playing soccer on one side, white Afrikaners playing rugby on the other. The coach of the National team, the Springboks, tells his team to remember this day, as it marks 'the day the country went to the dogs'.Mandela's head of security Jason Tshabalala (Tony Kgoroge) makes a request of Mandela concerning the team. He asks for more personnel to secure the president, the current team being made up of four blacks. Mandela's response is to hire four white former Special Branch members led by Etienne Feyder (Julian Lewis Jones). On first meeting, they clash due to deep-seated racial issues, yet are compelled to work out their differences. Seeing that he has no choice but to work alongside them, Tshabalala tells his black co-workers, especially Linga Moonsamy (Patrick Mofokeng), that while working together, they will watch the whites carefully.In his first days in office, the tension is palpable, as most of the former president's underlings (mostly Afrikaners) still hold their jobs. Worried that Mandela will fire them, they begin packing up their belongings, awaiting what they assume is the inevitable. Upon seeing this, Mandela holds a conference and makes an impromptu speech in which he informs his staff that he won't fire anyone who used to work for the old regime, and that they need to work together to promote racial equality throughout South Africa. The speech goes over well without any dissenters.Mandela soon begins taking pre-sunrise walks accompanied by two security personnel. While walking through the streets, a blue van, making wild turns while speeding, comes upon Mandela. While security fears an attack, it is merely a man delivering newspapers.We are soon introduced to Fran

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