Duplicity (2009)

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Duplicity starts out in Dubai at an outdoor party. Ray (Clive Owen) walks up to Claire (Julia Roberts) and says he noticed they had been checking each other out. Claire insists she had not been, but she ends up going back to his hotel room with him. We then cut to several shots of a drugged Ray lying on his bed while Claire searches his room and checks his pulse. It seems she had been on a mission and is stealing some important documents from him.There is a scene in slow motion with Garsick (Paul Giamatti) and Tully (Tom Wilkinson) each standing in front of their respective company planes surrounded by a set of each of their employees. They are shouting angrily at each other (it is silent though, we just see their mouths moving) and suddenly start fighting each other. They are clearly rival CEOs.We are then taken five years later. Ray is holding a mini Rubik's cube key chain and walks into a department store, where he spots Claire. He walks up to say hi and Claire pretends to know him, until she finally admits that she doesn't remember him. He asks if she is going to play it that way, meaning pretending not to know him. He tells her he is bad with names, a B or a B+ with faces, but he has traditionally been good with remembering people he's slept with. He knocks her bag over by accident, and the same Rubik's cube key chain falls out. They get real and realize they were each others' contacts. Claire reluctantly gives Ray a piece of paper to give to Duke (who we do not know yet). They talk in a bar where Ray tries to get Claire to apologize for Dubai. Claire tells him that she has been working for 14 months undercover at a company and has a high position so he'd better not mess it up. Ray threatens to expose her unless she fully cooperates with him for the rest of the mission.Ray brings the paper to some sort of lab or hideout that is run by Garsick's people, including Duke and Pam. It seems like the paper is a rough draft of a speech that Tully will be delivering. As Tully formally delivers his speech to all of his employees back at his company, we cut back and forth between him speaking and Garsick reading the rough draft aloud. Garsick realizes that this speech is about Tully's company discovering some new product and Garsick wants to find out what it is so he can steal the idea.Two years ago, in Rome, Ray is sitting at an outdoor caf

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