Erased (2012)

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A secure bank vault is shown. Automatic gunfire rings out, and a guard falls dead against the barred gate to the vault. The masked gunman grabs the guard's key ring and uses the passcard to open the gate. He finds the number of the vault box he's looking for and uses the key to open it. As he stuffs the canister into his tote bag, a logo for the Brussels (Belgium) football team is shown on it. He makes his way out, past several other people he's already killed. As he makes his way out of a back service exit, a motorcycle rides by, with a driver and passenger. The gunman lobs the tote bag to the passenger before a second motorcycle rides up to him, and he hops on, behind the driver.A gray car parks in a secluded spot beneath a highway overpass. The motorcycle carrying the tote bag rides past and tosses the bag a few feet from the car. As the tote bag is retrieved and handed to a man in the back seat, the scene briefly switches to CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. A woman agent swipes her passcard and enters a work area for Global Operations and Human Intelligence.As the car passenger in Brussels, Derek Kohler (Neil Napier), looks at the safe deposit box, his cell phone rings. His caller ID tells him that the call is coming from a woman named Anna Brandt. Back in Langley, the woman CIA agent, implied to be Brandt (Olga Kurylenko) is seen waiting for a call to go through, and she looks unhappy as she hears a click and a dial tone.The movie title screen appears.Antwerp, Belgium. In a modest house, Ben Logan (Aaron Eckhart) dresses for work; a number of heavy scars seen playing across his back and shoulders. He prepares his briefcase and wakes his daughter Amy (Liana Liberato) for breakfast. It's shown immediately that Amy doesn't like her father very much and has a difficult relationship with him. As her friend Sadie picks her up, Amy reminds her father that her awards ceremony is tonight, and asks him not to be late.Ben arrives for work at a company called Halgate Security Systems. While at work, one of his colleagues, Mei Ling (Debbie Wong), calls him over and asks him to look at something she's noticed, that doesn't seem right: Halgate doesn't own the patent number stamped on an iris scanning device she's examining. Ben agrees that isn't right, and asks Mei Ling to check the other patent numbers.Ben is giving a demonstration for a security lock Halgate has developed, and shows how a simple solution of household bleach, defeats the failsafe contained in the lock to prevent a brute force attempt to open it. He then shows how a looping video montage of 50 specific eye iris patterns, defeats the biometric iris scanner, which provides level 3 security to US military installations in Europe. Derek Kohler, who is Ben's boss at Halgate, is impressed and asks for a copy of the video with Ben's report.After the demonstration, Ben explains the missing patent issue for the biometric scanner to Derek. Derek is concerned, and asks Ben to prepare a full presentation report by the end of the evening; insisting it be done by that night, despite Ben having promised his daughter he'd be at her awards ceremony.At 8:00 pm, one of Ben's colleagues, Floyd (Alexander Fehling), stops by his office and tells Ben it's late, and he should go home (important later). Ben leaves Halgate at 8:00 pm, giving a manila envelope to Walter (Nick Alachiotis), the Halgate security personnel, for a courier to pick up. He hurries to Amy's school for the awards ceremony, but the ceremony has ended by the time he arrives. Sadie tells Ben that Amy won first prize for her photo essay, but she's left the school building and is with friends.Ben finds Amy playing foosball with some friends in a small but busy diner. As he drives her home, he asks about the boy she was playing with, Nabil (Yassine Fadel), whose family settled in Antwerp as refugees from his homeland. Amy asks her father if there's something available to eat. Ben gives her a box with some cookies that Mei Ling brought. Although she doesn't eat sweets due to food allergies, she tries one and immediately asks Ben if the cookies have peanut products. She's feeling sick and Ben hurries to bring her to the hospital.It's morning, and Ben's cell phone gives him an alert of a pending delivery at the office. Amy is being released from the ER and he tells her he has to hurry to the office before dropping her off at school. Ben is contrite over not having made sure whether the cookies would trigger Amy's food allergies. He tells her he's found that they can watch baseball games in Ghent. Even in his attempts to befriend his daughter, Ben finds Amy dislikes him enough that she can't resist taking jabs at him over having left her and her mother (implied to be because of his work).Ben arrives with Amy at Halgate-- and finds the entire place cleaned out. Not a single piece of equipment or furniture anywhere in the entire Halgate complex. Ben tries calling the Halgate office phone number, only getting an automatic message that his call cannot be completed. Suddenly, his cell phone loses power and goes out.Ben goes to a pay phone downstairs and outside, and calls the Halgate number again, asking for the extension of his office. The woman on the phone tells him the extension is invalid. Further, when Ben tells her he's trying to reach Derek Kohler, he's told nobody with that name works in Halgate. Ben tells Amy he needs to drive to Brussels, an hour away, where the main Halgate office is, to find out what's going on. Further, he's concerned enough that he feels Amy herself is not safe-- meaning he's taking her with him.At Halgate headquarters in Brussels, the building receptionist also tells Ben there is no record of a Derek Kohler as a Halgate employee. When he tries to insist she try again, she is alarmed at his aggressive attitude and calls for security.Karl Van Doorn (Ronnie Commissaris), a senior Halgate official, and his adjutant tell Ben that not only is there no Derek Kohler working at Halgate-- but neither does Ben. Ben asks for a cell battery, so he can show them his work emails. As Ben plugs the battery into his phone, the adjutant is handed a folder and starts examining it. Ben hands his Blackberry to Van Doorn so he can view Ben's eight weeks' worth of business correspondence. But Van Doorn sternly tells Ben that his Blackberry is empty. Ben is then told even more dire and stunning news: He moved to Antwerp eight weeks ago, but the last registered address for him before that was in New York... 14 years past. Before that, Washington DC, in 1989. No further records of his residence anywhere are available.Worse still, at Ben's bank, his account is empty, and there are no records of any activity since it was opened. Ben is relieved when Floyd shows up, but that relief is short-lived when Floyd pulls a gun on him.Floyd makes Ben and Amy get in a car and drive down the autoroute. He refuses to answer Ben's questions on what is going on, why he's doing what he's doing, or who he's working for. Floyd only tells Ben that he told him to go home, and now he has been sent, not only for Ben, but for Amy as well.Ben reminds Amy that he always told her to put her seat belt on. Once she's buckled in, he slams down on the gas, speeding up the car. When Floyd grabs Amy by the throat and menaces her, Ben slams on the brakes. Floyd is pitched forward, his head slamming into the windshield. Ben grabs at Floyd and wrestles for his gun. The car filps over and rolls down an incline onto a lower road on the superhighway.Amy crawls out of the car, hurt but alive. Floyd emerges and shoots at her, but Ben attacks him and wrestles him to the road. He demands answers, wanting to know what was waiting for him at home. But he hears the sound of Floyd's neck breaking; Floyd is dead.Amy sees Belgian police arrive. Ben tells Amy they can't help. The police see Ben and Amy running across the autoroute, but cannot pursue.Ben breaks into a house on a quiet street, where he bandages his hand and cleans blood off Amy's face. He takes out a locker key Floyd had, with AC stamped on it: Antwerp Central. Amy is freaked out, asking if police or the U.S. State Department, who she knows Ben worked for, can help. Ben tries to tell Amy that he doesn't know what's happening, but not only is his life in danger, but so is hers... and if they both want to live, he desperately needs her to stay with him and listen to him.Floyd also had a roll of cash, which Ben uses to take a train to Antwerp Central with Amy. As they sit in a cafe, they watch a news report on the car crash they'd been in. Ben points out security cameras in the station to Amy, telling her that corners are safe, and she needs to keep her head down at all times, which will make it harder for cameras to provide enough of a view of her for a profile match. He tells her to stay in the cafe while he goes to the lockers.Amy notices a few police officers converging and pointing in the general direction Ben went, suggesting they might have made him. Getting scared, she hurries after Ben, while Ben is seen opening the locker that the key is for, breaking something off its top wall. Amy searches for Ben, finding herself face to face with the Antwerp Central Police. But she manages to make it to the stairway, where Ben finds her, using a map and speaking Croatian so they don't appear suspicious to the people around them.On the train again, Ben goes over a folder that was attached to the top bulkhead of Floyd's locker. He finds pictures of Mei Ling, several other colleagues of Ben's... and several photos of Amy, including one taken of her four months ago, with her grandfather in New Haven, back in the U.S. Looking at the map, Ben notes that Mei Ling and the other colleagues all live within a five mile radius. Amy points out the nearest hospital in the area: St. Cornelius.Ben bribes the morgue worker for access. The morgue attendant takes Ben and Amy to the mortuary and shows Mei Ling's body, which was found floating in the Scheldt river, with her blood alcohol five times the limit... and she's listed as living in France, with no family; an undocumented immigrant. The attendant gives Ben ten minutes to do what he wishes.Ben opens the other body bags and finds that the corpses are all of his co-workers, all dead of home-related injuries, all listed as illegal immigrants to Belgium. He then finds a code number written on Mei Ling's hand: the patent number for the biometric scanner she'd been examining. He writes it down and notes that Walter, the Halgate security, isn't among the bodies. Although Ben doesn't answer her, Amy is horrified to understand that she and Ben would be among the dead bodies, if they'd been home the previous night like they were supposed to be.Amy storms away, refusing to let Ben touch her. She's starting to understand that Ben has skills everyday people just don't have, including how to move through a crowd without being seen and how to kill with his bare hands. He tries desperately to calm her down, but stops short when he sees Walter standing by a hospital floor receptionist. Walter fires at Ben but misses. As Ben and Amy flee, Walter turns to the receptionist and coldly eliminates her.Walter stalks Ben and Amy through the hospital, trying to kill them. Ben bars a double door with a walker, but Walter easily busts through it. On another floor, Walter is searching for them. Just as he finds Amy hiding in one of the closets, Ben tackles him and they fight. Walter stuns Ben with several blows and is about to kill him when Amy jumps on Walter's back. He knocks her off and down to the ground, but Ben stabs him several times with medical scissors, then grabs Walter's gun and empties the clip into his chest.Evading Belgian police, Ben and Amy hide in a medical supply room, where Ben treats a graze wound on Amy's arm. Hearing more police in pursuit, they escape through a window and Ben steals a car. In a hotel bathroom, Ben bandages Amy's arm and tells her how he knew about the bodies: Floyd was a professional assassin following a government-training protocol. All the photos and profiles in his locker was a targeted hit list-- which Amy and Ben were on. Ben was not working for the State Department, as Amy's mother told her; he was a CIA agent.Anna Brandt is handed some papers for an upcoming Pan-African council. She attends a meeting where she is briefed on the deaths of Floyd and Walter, and that Ben-- who used to work under Anna's command-- is suspected of killing them both. Anna says that Ben was decommissioned six months ago because he'd 'grown a conscience,' and the oversight decided to make an example of him by expatriating him, making sure he can never return to the United States.Anna's superiors show video footage of the hit on a "Black Vault" in Brussels; the one shown being raided at the start of the movie. The robber knew how to defeat the vault's security systems, and the canister he stole contained top secret documents being collected for the Department of Justice, working with the Belgian Secret Service. Halgate, the company Ben works for, was facing class action for negligence after one of their ships sank six months ago. Families of the ship's crew sued for punitive damages, but one family refused to settle; their lawyers investigated further and found something bigger than a mere civil lawsuit in the ship's manifest: a smoking gun proving that Halgate was shipping illegal arms to countries on the verge of civil war... doing it for pure profit. Orders directly from the White House demanded that the documentation be recovered or else Halgate will be in the clear; Logan, a top security expert, being in Belgium at the time of the raid, is the only clue they have. Anna is known to have been a lover of Ben, and her superiors believe she is able to find and contact him.Anna hurries to her office and calls Derek Kohler. Derek is scared for his life; he tells Anna that she assured him that all that would happen was layoffs; him being out of a job. Anna insists that she gave no orders for anyone to be killed. Derek tells her she was cut out of the equation... by someone named Braymer. Derek is seen using the hacks Ben found, to defeat the security locks for the canister taken from the black vault. He opens it and looks inside, telling Anna that he's secured 'the cargo,' but now things are going to happen on his terms, because he doesn't want to die. He smashes his phone and Anna hears the connection die out.Anna places another call, giving orders that the Belgian Consulate in Brussels be informed that she's en route there-- and she wants a local team put together.Ben is explaining to Amy why he and her mother never told her the truth about his working for the CIA; often, an agent's family doesn't know the truth because they can be targets if an agent's identity is discovered. They look over some old family photos, and it's revealed that Amy's mother is now deceased; hence why she lives with her father despite disliking him. He left his job to be a father, although he knows he hasn't done right by Amy enough times. He and Amy can't return home, because they'd be found by whoever their enemy is. His main clue is that the products Halgate didn't own the patents on, were real; if Halgate didn't make them, someone else did-- someone who wanted them compromised. Their chief short-term problem is finding a place to stay for the night. Amy asks for some change and uses a pay phone to call Nabil, and she tells her father that Nabil has agreed to help.Nabil's brother, Karim, calls in a favor and gets Ben and Amy a ride in a van owned by one of Karim's contacts who hides and ferries war fugitives. They're driven to Brussels and to the house of an Arabic family the contact knows, who grant Ben and Amy two days' stay in the kids' rooms. Amy lies on a bed and starts reminiscing about her mother's illness before she died, saying she talked about Ben a lot during the time, and Amy believes she still loved Ben. Ben sits beside Amy and comforts her as she lays her head on his lap.Anna arrives at the black vault site, and looks through papers found among Ben's personal effects; all of his things were taken from his apartment. Braymer calls and Anna tells him she's learned that Ben was an expatriate living in Antwerp with his daughter, having moved there two months ago on a business visa. She promises she'll find him.Marty Braymer (David Bark-Jones), chief attorney to Mr. Halgate, is meeting with the parents of one of the victims of the Halgate boat sinking. The victim's mother says that their fight isn't about money; she's demanding that Mr. Halgate personally stand in front of her, look her in the eyes and apologize for her son's death. Anna calls Braymer and angrily confronts him about having arranged to get something the CIA had and Braymer wanted, but now he's murdered a number of innocent people. Braymer asks that they meet in person.Anna knows that Braymer dismantled a covert operation she was running for him. He used agents under Anna's command, to kill people, and he's made Ben into the subject of a manhunt. She wants answers. Brayer said it was an executive decision, made because Ben found out that the company was a fake; he was looking into patents and asking questions about who owned the security systems. He asks why Anna got him involved, and Anna says Braymer needed something done fast, and Ben was the best there is. She asks if Braymer has the evidence; Braymer sais Derek Kohler still has it and has disappeared. By now, it's clear that Anna is involved in a very dirty conspiracy, as she warns Braymer what kind of trouble they could all get in, if Ben finds out what they got him involved in. Braymer says their employer wondered if Anna's personal feelings for Ben got in the way of her making tough decisions. Anna answers that she will go down if Halgate does; and Ben will get to Braymer, regardless of any security that Brayer surrounds himself with, if Ben learns the truth. Braymer says he'll give Anna, Derek's last known location; she needs to find Derek and recover the evidence. Meanwhile, Braymer has brought in 'an expert' to deal with Ben.The 'expert,' an assassin named Maitland (Eric Godon), gets into a taxi at the airport and begins looking through a dossier containing all the intelligence compiled by Halgate about Logan. Included is a photo of Amy with Nabil-- and Nabil's face is circled as a potential starting point on where to start looking.Karim is washing his car when he sees his young daughter running through the living room of his house. He goes inside, and finds the daughter sitting on Maitland's lap.At an internet cafe, Ben logs into the website for the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. He enters the patent number that he had copied off of Mei Ling's hand, and finds it is registered to a company called Total Security in New York City. He has Amy write down a number. Ben is then seen calling a phone number and is baffled when the receptionist answering says, "Central Intelligence Agency." Amy then walks into the booth and says she's found out on the internet that the office address for the Halgate branch Ben worked in, was rented on a short-term lease six months ago, to a company called Markus Wolf Investments. That company also has another local registered address, provided by the same Brussels-based realtor. Amy has already booked a viewing for herself and Ben to see this second address, which the realtor badly wants to lease out again.Nabil arrives at Karim's house and is horrified to see Karim and his wife murdered. Karim's young daughter was spared, but cowers in a corner, sobbing. Nabil picks the child up and holds her.Ben and Amy are being shown the second address leased by Markus Wolf by the realtor. Ben looks down at a loose wire with an unraveled, frayed end. He asks for a moment alone and is seen picking up a paper clip from the floor.Ben uses the paper clip and a wire to pick the lock for a locked office door. He pulls out a phone and takes it to the main area where Amy still waits, watching the realtor as she stands by her car. As he attaches the phone to the loose wire, Ben tells Amy that Markus Wolf is an East German spymaster from the Cold War era; five years deceased. Ben realizes the "Halgate branch" he was working at, was a shell company used to hide its true purpose.Ben uses the phone to call an operator and asks her to trace the last call made from his location, saying he had been disconnected. The operator gives him the number; Ben calls it and finds it rings a Belgian hotel. Ben asks the hotel concierge for Derek Kohler. When the concierge says there's no such person staying there, he corrects himself and says Markus Wolf. The operator says she'll transfer Ben. As the extension begins to ring, Ben hangs up.An hour later, at a CIA office, an agent tells Anna that they've gotten a record of the call Ben made. Anna listens and recognizes Ben's voice.Ben and Amy are at the hotel that the number he called, rang. Ben tells Amy he's gotten the suite number for Markus Wolf. Amy sits in the lobby, as Ben's lookout, while Ben goes up to the suite.Kohler arrives at the hotel. As he reaches his suite, he suspects trouble and pulls his gun before opening the door. Ben deftly disarms him and pins him against a table.Amy sees a man come into the hotel lobby and start talking against his wrist. Several more men in suits are around the lobby, and Anna starts talking to the man who was speaking against his wrist. Meanwhile, Ben is roughing Derek up and confronting him on what he now knows: The shell company Derek operated as a branch of Halgate was hacking the CIA.Anna and one of her men go into the main elevator. Putting up the hood of her sweatshirt to hide her face, Amy gets in as well. She gets off on the 5th floor and runs up the stairs to the 6th. Ben has bloodied Derek badly and starts waterboarding him, demanding answers. Derek tells Ben that "she" said it was a simple operation, and told "them" to hire Ben. "She" said the documents would never be recovered without Ben.Amy has reached the 6th floor ahead of the elevator, and pulls a fire alarm to alert Ben. The elevator operator reverses the elevator to back to the lobby, taking Anna with him.Amy bursts in to suite 619 to see her father holding a gun to a bloodied and beaten Derek, who has just told Ben to look at a canister on the couch. Ben orders Amy to wait outside. Derek says he has a family as well, and this was going to be his pension. If he died, the agency would look after him. He pleads for Ben to kill him. Ben balks, realizing Derek is CIA as well. Derek pulls the gun into his mouth and pulls the trigger as Amy looks on in horror.Anna and her men run up the stairs and find Kohler dead. She orders a search on the room and starts calling for Ben, as all the floor's residents are evacuated. Ben has the canister, and he and Amy hurry down the stairs into the basement parking garage. One of the agents shoots at them. Ben returns fire to pin them down. Anna arrives at the garage and demands her men stand down and cease fire. As she calls to Ben to come out and talk to her, Amy has time to run into a valet's room, where she sees the key cabinet with a number of keychains on rings.Amy grabs the keychains one by one and activates them to set off each car's locator alarm, distracting Anna so that Ben can grab her. Amy comes driving up in another car. Holding Anna at gunpoint, Ben forces her toward the car. Anna tries to reason with Ben, that the agency was going to kill Ben for defying orders, but she protected him, and can do so again. Ben doesn't buy it. He shoves Anna down and gets into the car. Amy speeds away before they can be caught. Ben throws the tote bag outside, but as Anna recovers it, she sees it's empty.Ben opens the canister and starts looking at the CIA documents inside. Amy, on the other hand, wants to know what Anna meant about Ben being part of a 'kill squad.' Amy floors the gas pedal and starts to speed recklessly through the streets, raising her voice. Ben manages to brake the car and finally explains that he was a Black Ops agent, and killed people that the CIA ordered killed; the dirty work nobody wants to do. Ben never wanted Amy to find out-- and with good reason; she doesn't take the news well. She doesn't believe that he came back for her, but because he had nowhere else to go. Amy cries that Ben extracted her from her life and friends, brought her to a foreign country and lied to get her there. Amy gets out of the car and runs away. Ben starts to run after her, but she has boarded a train that is pulling out of the station by the time Ben reaches the platform.Amy gets back to the safe house she's staying at and manages to tell her hostess via hand signs that she needs a telephone. Amy calls her grandfather and tearfully begs to come home. She is only marginally aware of a knocking on the door until she hears her hostess give a yelp that is promptly smothered, and Amy finds herself face to face with Maitland.A cab drops Ben off at the apartment, and he finds all the tenants crowded around the body of his hostess. He also finds Amy's purse on the floor. He manages to scoop it up and runs out of the building as Belgian paramedics arrive.Nabil finds Ben and grabs him, furiously shouting that he wants vengeance on his brother's killers; who Nabil knows, were looking for Ben. Ben tells Nabil that the killers have Amy as a prisoner, and Ben also wants to get at them. Nabil drives Ben to another contact's home, where Ben begins reading the CIA documents. He finds papers showing that a Halgate cargo ship was carrying US made weapons and tech for anti-drone defense systems to Mozambique; and was making deals to acquire lithium, an element used in next-generation tech, including nuclear weaponry. Ben also finds a Halgate personnel list-- and Anna Brandt's name is on it. Nabil asks if they're going to find Amy, but Ben finds among the papers, a letter signed by James Halgate III, owner of Halgate, and a photograph with Halgate circled. Ben says they just found where Amy is.Ben calls Anna and tells her to meet him at the Gare du Nord station, platform four, in one hour. As Anna waits on the platform with an agent bodyguard shadowing her, she hears a ring from a pay phone booth. She picks up the phone and Ben tells her to board the train on platform five, front carriage. Anna directs her men to different parts of the train. Her cell phone rings, and Ben tells Anna to get off the train. Anna does, and the train doors close, trapping her men inside, and carrying them off as the train begins moving. Anna smiles cynically at how she'd been outwitted, when Ben calls her cell phone again and tells her to hurry to platform eight, where another train is pulling in.Anna finds Ben at a booth in the train's caboose, and sits across from him. Ben shows her the personnel roster and asks how long Anna has been working with Halgate, and how long since the two of them tried to make a difference in the world together. Anna only tries to plead with Ben to give Halgate what they want, because they'll stop at nothing to get it. But Ben knows he and Amy will both be killed if he does this. He tells Anna to contact Mr. Halgate and tell him that he wants his daughter back, and if she's been harmed, Halgate is a dead man. Ben gets up and walks away.At the safehouse, Nabil has brought Ben a rectangular hard briefcase with two snap locks, which Ben says is perfect. He begins preparing some kind of liquid solution in the kitchen.A laptop plays TV footage showing that Mr. Halgate (Garrick Hagon) has arrived at a Belgian courthouse in another attempt to settle the civil class-action lawsuit against his company for the cargo ship's sinking. Ben and Nabil continue working, and it's suggested that Ben might be cooking up explosive materials for a bomb.At the courthouse, Mr. Halgate expresses his apologies and sympathies for Mrs. Pieters (Katelijne Verbeke), the mother who has held out against the settlement. Mrs. Pieters, satisfied, nods to the judge in acceptance of the settlement offer.Reporters are waiting for Mr. Halgate outside the courtroom. Pretending to be a passer-by, Ben offers Mr. Halgate a handshake, but slips a mobile phone into his hand while doing so. As Mr. Halgate approaches his car, Ben calls the phone he'd just slipped to him. Mr. Halgate passes it to Braymer, who is told by Ben that Mr. Halgate is to come alone, and he will have the evidence he seeks when Amy is safe. Braymer is to keep the phone on him, and Ben will text him a time and place.Braymer spots Ben slipping into a train station, and two Halgate security men go racing after him. Ben gets the drop on them and knocks them both out, before hurrying to the platform.Anna pushes past Braymer to warn Mr. Halgate about Ben, and asks that she be allowed to make the exchange Ben wants to make, because she knows Ben. She's compromised her entire career for the access codes to a bank account that contains the payments she was promised; money she can't touch if the situation blows up. Mr. Halgate is amused at how much trouble that one sunk ship has caused, and recognizes Anna as being similar to him; intent on knocking down whatever barriers toward his goals.The text from Ben with the time and location for the exchange arrives, and Mr. Halgate agrees to Anna making the exchange.In a car near the exchange site, Ben prepares the briefcase with the plastic explosives he's prepared, and the detonator mechanism, set to trigger when the briefcase is opened after it's been closed and armed. He places a false bottom over the bomb to hide it, and then places the documents into the briefcase before closing and locking it. Opening and closing the case will arm the bomb, and it will then detonate after being again opened.Anna is escorted to the room where Amy is held prisoner. A security agent for Halgate uncuffs Amy from the radiator and lifts her to her feet. Amy glares at Anna in disgust and spits at her shoes. Anna takes Amy down and out of the building where a car awaits with two more of Halgate's men. But as Anna steps out, she pulls her gun and kills the two men, before heading straight for the driver's side door.Maitland is waiting, and is fully prepared for Anna's attack. He stabs her in the lower chest with a switchblade, killing Anna. With her dying breath, Anna groans at Amy to run for it. Unfortunately, Amy trips and falls, twisting her ankle, and Maitland has no trouble recapturing her.Ben sees two black cars pull up at the exchange site. Mr. Halgate, Braymer, Van Doorn and several security agents/drivers get out. Braymer directs the agents to spread out while he and Mr. Halgate meet Ben at the exchange point. Despite the agents and Van Doorn watching, Ben is unseen until he's right up behind Mr. Halgate, jamming a gun against his side. Ben has figured out the entire Halgate plan by now; the company was selling the weapons in exchange for access to lithium mines. When Halgate learned about the evidence the CIA collected, the shell company was formed to develop counter-security measures that would allow it to be retrieved from the Black Vault, and hired undocumented immigrants to Belgium to do all the work at the shell company, because they would not question orders, nor step out of line. At the first sign of compromise, the shell company would be closed and the immigrants, who would not be missed nor investigated, quietly eliminated-- erased.Halgate takes a token out of his pocket and uses it to activate a tourist telescope. Ben looks through it and sees Maitland approaching, while holding Amy firmly by one arm. Mr. Halgate and Braymer then announce a change in the terms of the deal; Amy will not be released unless Ben surrenders himself.Maitland arrives at the site with Amy as Ben hands his gun to Mr. Halgate. Amy is allowed to run to her father and hug him. But her joy turns to sorrow as Ben presses a bundle of cash into Amy's hands and tells her she has to get away without him. He's doing what he does; making a difference. Nabil pulls up on a motorcycle, and rides off with Amy.Ben gives Mr. Halgate the briefcase. Halgate opens it, sees the documents, and is satisfied. He closes the case back up while Ben is put into Maitland's car, and Mr. Halgate, Braymer, and the rest of Halgate's men get in the other vehicle. Braymer is shocked that Mr. Halgate is allowing Amy to live under any circumstances. Halgate scoffs and says she's getting a one week reprieve, and then an assassin will be sent to take her out, along with her grandfather.Ben takes out the employee roster and gives it to Maitland, telling him that Mr. Halgate forgot one piece of the documents. Maitland gets out of his car and goes over to Halgate, bringing him the paper. Halgate opens the briefcase to put the paper inside-- and the bomb detonates, killing him, Braymer, Maitland, and all his men, while Ben is safe in the other car.Nabil has driven Amy to the airport so she can return to New Haven. She starts to cry as she kisses Nabil goodbye. She sits alone, sullen and forlorn, as her flight is called for boarding. As she presents her boarding pass, Amy hears a voice on the loudspeaker calling a standby passenger named Markus Wolf to the counter.Amy recognizes the name and looks up, her sorrow turning to joy as she sees her father running toward her. She runs into his arms, and cries on his shoulder.

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