Scarface (1983)

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In May 1980, a Cuban man named Tony Montana (Al Pacino) claims asylum, in Florida, USA, and is in search of the "American Dream" after departing Cuba in the Mariel boatlift of 1980. When questioned by three tough-talking INS officials, they notice a tattoo on Tony's left arm of a black heart with a pitchfork through it, which identifies him as a hitman, and detain him in a camp called 'Freedomtown' with other Cubans, including Tony's best friend and former Cuban Army buddy Manolo "Manny Ray" Ribiera (Steven Bauer), under the local I-95 expressway while the government evaluates their visa petitions.After 30 days of governmental dithering and camp rumors, Manny receives an offer from the Cuban Mafia which he quickly relays to Tony. If they kill Emilio Rebenga (Roberto Contreras) a former aide to Fidel Castro who is now detained in Freedomtown, they will receive green cards. Tony agrees, and kills Rebenga during a riot at Freedomtown. The murder of Rebenga was requested by Frank L

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